Virtual Classroom

There is no substitute for being in an environment specifically designed to maximise educational effectiveness (such as one of our fantastic training centres), where the quality of light and acoustics have been carefully considered and you have immediate access to very high quality training systems and aids. And, most importantly, you are being guided through your learning by our expert training staff; experts in education who are able to judge your level of understanding through empathy and apply educational techniques to suit your individual learning style – a recorded session on YouTube or other video hosting sites cannot do this. However, we are a pragmatic organisation who understands that time is money and a 1-day course can be 2 days or more lost productivity through travel and other requirements. For this reason, we have developed ProVQ Virtual Classroom, technology that can bring our trainers to you wherever you may be, live!

All you need is an internet enabled device such as a PC, Mac, tablet or even a smart phone and you can join one of our live courses from home or work. If your device has a webcam, our instructors can see you and you can see them; using the mic and speaker in your device, we can hear you and you can hear us! We can integrate into our Virtual Classroom courses presentations, instructional videos, whiteboards; if we can put it on a screen we can put it in front of you and teach it; we can even integrate live practical demonstrations!

ProVQ Virtual Classroom is the very next best thing to attending a course at one of our centres, contact us now for further information.