Leadership & Management

Investing in the leadership and management capacity for any business is a serious undertaking. It requires time and energy.

Our Leadership and Management offering is a comprehensive end to end development process that takes managers through a series of structured development modules.

We pride ourselves in providing a holistic approach to management that would normally take years of study and experience to craft and create and offer it as a complete development process.  Structured so the training is delivered over a period of months, our programme takes what could be a highly theoretical one and turns it into a pragmatic, practical, experiential process.

Following the spaced repetition learning approach, it is specifically designed to beat Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve and drive positive behavioural change back in the workplace.
The programme is delivered as a series of modules which can be logistically be arranged in the best timescales and patterns to suit your business.  Delivery has been written to align with the Institute of Leadership and Managements Level Three Diploma for Managers, so can be delivered as a stand alone programme, or as a nationally recognised qualification certified by the Institute for Leadership & Management.
Delivered in and inspiring, engaging, informative and highly interactive way our sessions consistently receive great feedback.

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